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Tri-Pulley is an initiative that is trying to “pulley” vulnerable families in Tripoli and those affected by the Beirut explosion by matching unemployed skilled individuals to other vulnerable families and small enterprises.

Project Justification

Why did we decide to focus on Tripoli and why did we decide to add people affected by the Beirut explosion? And why in this way? Learn more about what is happening in Tripoli and Beirut in terms of threats and opportunities.

Our Tri-pillars

What’s different and innovative about Tri-pulley

Our Tri-“pullyers”


Many Lebanese are devastated by the situation of their country and are looking for ways to help. In this initiative, the donors’ value for money will be multiplied and the impact of the act of GIVING is guaranteed.


Unemployed skilled individuals who will receive monthly cash contribution to ACT by supporting other individuals or families in need.


Individuals or families in need of social support who will RISE thank to the free services provided by the now partly employed skilled individual.

How You Can Help?

Give online or directly through match adoptions, monthly contributions or one time donations.

Refer an unemployed skilled worker or a family in need of support by filling the referral form.

Help us spread the word! Share our pages and our fundraising campaigns.

You can get involved by becoming a Volunteer. Sign up to check how we can match your skills with our needs.


Check out the amount of money raised, on which sectors and its multiplier effect.

Learn more about the beneficiaries of Tri-pulley and the stories behind their selection.

Learn about our donors and partners

Check out our picture gallery

What People Say

“I want my grand children to have better opportunities than I did. Education is the key to a better life. I cannot help my grand children in their studies, but I can make sure to motivate them not to give up. They can’t study online & private tutoring is an opportunity I cannot afford”

Guardian of a child benefiting from tutoring through Tri-pulley

“Ramadan was really hard this year on our family, this income is helping us all and motivating me to search for long term opportunities. I don’t know what we would have done without it, depression was taking over, while now I feel I am also helping another family with my skills”

T.A financially supported for providing home care to another elderly couple